Sugar And Inflammation, Ouch!

We now know that sugar is something to be eliminated from our diet.

Consumption of added refined sugar is easy enough to remove. Eliminating those spoonfuls of sugar in your coffee or tea, and dodging sweet treats or sodas is always the smart thing to do.

  • Sugar is a known toxin and it attacks your body in countless ways.

To wrap your head around sugar’s destructive powers, it helps to understand how the body reacts when it meets the sweet stuff.

Your body is designed to handle normal sugar intake:

  • Carbohydrates are quickly broken down into simple sugar molecules (glucose) that pass directly into the bloodstream.
  • As a result, blood sugar rises.
  • To bring levels back to normal, the pancreas releases insulin, which lowers blood-sugar levels by escorting glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells.

If energy needs are high at the time sugar hits the bloodstream, that sugar is put to good use and burned off. If energy needs are low, sugar levels rise and that pushes the pancreas into overdrive, causing it to release too much insulin – a spew instead of a squirt. And an excessive release of insulin spells inflammatory trouble.

Inflammation often equals pain, which is why you may find yourself reaching for your pain medication when your diet has been off-kilter.

  • Take a look at what you’ve been eating, and remember those hidden sources of sugar in so many processed foods.

Changing your eating habits to a whole-foods based diet composed largely of protein and vegetables will do wonders for reducing your sugar intake, reducing inflammation, and helping your discomfort.

Your diet can really affect your health:

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, take a hard look at your diet. A few minor changes can make a world of difference. We recently witnessed an amazing transformation for a woman with fibromyalgia and widespread chronic body pain. She made the very wise decision to significantly reduce her sugar consumption, and reported that she was now seeing a significant reduction in her pain levels.

Sugar-induced inflammation is not the only cause of body pain, remember. But certainly…many of our clients that reduce their sugar intake, experience the miraculous changes of a healthier body!

Live.Life.Fully Alive.

My name is Dr. Mark Herman and I am a co-owner of the Almonte Chiropractic Centre. With almost 30 years in practice, I am still amazed at the capacity of the body to heal and for people to regain their health. I love to walk along side people as they begin to live life fully alive.