Technology – The #1 Pain In Your Neck.

Technology has done amazing things for the world. Information is available at the touch of a button. We can communicate ‘face to face’ with someone across the world and the possibilities seem endless. However, what is happening to our physical body with all the time spent staring at our various devices? We have created an

A Quick Fix For Slumped Posture.

What do you notice when you look around at other drivers as you commute to work? They are often hunched forward with their shoulders up, almost leaning over their steering wheel, with their head forward in front of their body. We call this type of posture ‘forward head posture’ or ‘anterior head carriage’ and this

3 Reasons To Improve Your Balance.

Remember playing? Remember balancing on anything you could find as a child; a balance beam, a fallen tree, the sidewalk curb and cracks in the street? We would challenge our friends to see who could balance the longest without falling, maybe even close our eyes to make it even harder. Do you still find yourself

The Way You Breathe is Affecting Your Health!

We take breathing for granted. Our body does it every 5 seconds . . . in . . . and out . . . whether we are awake or asleep. We were born to breathe – but somewhere along the way we stopped breathing like a baby! Using the diaphragm to breathe – stomach breathing